Yakir Sasson & the Jaffa Jazz

When Charlie Parker and Israeli folk music fuse in the city of old Jaffa: That’s the idea behind the Jaffa Jazz project which stands the test of time of nostalgic Israeli-Hebrew folk melodies fused with old school jazz, combined with original compositions.

a special solo project by the acclaimed saxophonist, multi-instrumentalist and producer Yakir Sasson (Quarter to Africa, The Apples), Jaffa Jazz aspires to build a bridge and a connection between the world of jazz and that of Israeli folk music, introducing the beauty of Israeli “standards” to the global jazz scene.

Jaffa JazZ comes from a connection to its origins. Yakir chooses to bring the audience his unique style into the arrangements, and concentrate on the melodies of the folk music through instrumental jazz improvisations, all wrapped with original compositions.
Yakir’s familiarly with Israeli-Hebrew melodies and the world of jazz is an integral part of his music identity and the essence from which his music gets its unique spicy flavor.

In this project, Yakir performs together with a group of talented and well-known musicians, all of whom were born, raised and have lived in the town of old Jaffa- Avri Borochov (doublebass), Uzi Ramirez – (guitars) and Nir Manzur (drums).

About Yakir Sasson:
Born and raised into a musical family, Yakir began playing saxophone at the age of 11, and is considered a multi-instrumentalist who plays a wide variety of instruments (saxophone, flute, clarinet, trumpet, guitar, keys and percussion).
After receiving a bachelor’s degree in music. He continued to New York where he played in various ensembles and performed at local jazz clubs throughout the city, and in 2009 he returned to Israel. In Israel, he joined “The Apples” ensemble as a baritone saxophone player as well as a producer and studio recording director, performing with the ensemble all over the world. In 2014, together with Elyasaf Bashari, he had established the successful ethno-jazzfunk ensemble, “Quarter to Africa” which has gained great recognition and performances in festivals and major events worldwide. Yakir Sasson has worked and performed with many acclaimed Israeli artists such as David Broza, Mosh Ben Ari, Esther Rada, Shay Ben Tzur,  Eyal Golan, Funkenstein,Shuli Rand, Ariel Zilber and more.

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