The new show by the esteemed guitarist and musician Erez Netz

“Shalacho” is an international show that fuses cultures, crosses borders, hypnotizes and excites.

the audience becomes part of the story of erez family journey, and inspired by the wandering story of his grandfather and his large family, the Hakamov family,From Yerevan, Armenia, Georgia, to Turkey, Iran, and then to Israel and from there to Los Angeles with his band Infected mushroom.

Netz turned his family journey into a rich musical mosaic that flew from electronic performance to the most famous Georgian wedding, “Shalacho”, through Armenian / Caucasian style, to Western performances by his band.

Netz who played in the largest rock productions in Israel, and taught the best guitarists in Israel, Has been playing for the past 14 years in the Infected Mushroom band. The world’s most successful electronic ensemble, and performs with them on the biggest stages, receiving the love of the audience abroad as well.

Accompanied by a group of leading and professional musicians in the industry, Netz will present and play the musical influences he has received from his grandfather and his family, and his extensive experience as an Israeli musician, composer and guitarist.

The show will include instrumental pieces of netz, and his interpretations to Balkan folk songs, along with special arrangements for well-known and beloved rock songs, all with an ensemble composed of six top-level musicians and mesmerizing dancers


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